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Hogyan tisztítson, hozzon zsírfoltokat a szőnyegről, Phoenix A zsíros foltok tisztításának szabályai Próbálja meg tisztítani a foltokat, amint megjelennek a szőnyegen. A régi foltok eltávolítása sokkal nehezebb és több, mint friss.

Clean air going into the ventilation ducts Drain valve The main difference between turboswing and most common filters is that in turboswing filters the filtering medium is not static. There is a perforated disk rotating at high speed. After separation, centrifugal force due to the rotating disk throws particles against the inner walls of the távolítsa el a zsírrészecskéket.

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This is because the filtering medium is moving, and this increases the probability of collision between the filter and the particle. The grease extraction level is not affected by the airflow.

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This means that this kind of filter can be used in restaurants that turn down the air volumes at non-peak times in order to save energy. The explanation is that if the airflow is lower, the particles go through the rotating disk at a slower speed, therefore increasing, the collision probability.

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Other filters like cyclonic filters require the airflow to be high on a permanent basis, or else the performance of the filter drops. Therefore, the use of filters távolítsa el a zsírrészecskéket turboswing make it possible to save vast amounts of energy in restaurant kitchen ventilation. In particular, kitchen air is hotter than the air in most other rooms, and therefore a large amount of energy can potentially be saved.

However, when it comes to the ventilation of a kitchen, if the correct kind of filter is not used, heat recovery can be very difficult or even impossible, because of the presence of grease particles in the air.

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Grease particles accumulate at the heat exchanger, rendering it useless very quickly. Static filters cannot adequately deal with small particles, therefore making it impossible to recover heat.

Turboswing filters exhibit high performance in dealing with small particles, and this is why they enable heat recovery to be done with kitchen air.

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